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Save Money on Your Book Promos & Other Author Services

We track down the latest discounts on the best promotional platforms & author service providers so you can cut costs on marketing, save time and get back to writing...

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The Crowded Author Services Marketplace

As KDP and other platforms swell with new authors and readership continues to grow, it is becoming ever harder for authors to lead in rankings and stand out from the crowd.

Self-published authors have now essentially become full time marketers.  You probably know as well as any that it is necessary to drive external traffic to your sales pages in order to maintain visibility, not to mention the increasing importance in creating slick & professional looking cover graphics, having perfect editing, translation services, etc. As a result of all the above, the cost of putting together your books and creating marketing schedules for your book promotions is getting increasingly expensive – which is why we came up with Author Coupons.

By allying with the best author service providers, Author Coupons aim to create greater engagement with those services, increased competition, and, more importantly, greater value for authors when they come to create their books and plan regular book marketing schedules.

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